Department of State Development

The Department for Industry and Skills plays a lead role in shaping South Australia’s modern economy.

Our work will benefit the community - creating new jobs, developing emerging industries and entrepreneurial culture, and leveraging our global connections now and for the future.

We develop high growth and high value industries and provide more South Australians with the right skills to secure a job.

A modern skills strategy will have direct links to jobs, both today and into the future, and we will ensure that our investment in training is connected to employment.

The department will strengthen the funded training system to create focus, certainty and stability in the training sector while promoting the value of a trade, boosting apprenticeships and encouraging entrepreneurship in the younger generation.

Our State’s culture of innovation will begin at school, where students will learn the skills to start a business, innovate and contribute to the economy.

The Department for Industry and Skills will nurture our next generation of entrepreneurs and help to create partnerships and enhance collaboration with industry groups, research institutions, business specialists, mentors and investors.


DIS Organisational Chart
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Department for Industry and Skills – Supporting economic growth, training a skilled workforce and creating jobs for South Australians.


Creating a world-leading Hub to give South Australians the opportunity to bring their ideas to market.


Responsibility for policy, funding and operation of the state’s vocational education and training system.


Science, research and innovation play a fundamental and transformational role in South Australia’s economy and society.


Creating a world-leading Hub to give South Australians the opportunity to bring their ideas to market.

Small Business

South Australia's 143,000 small businesses (defined as employing 20 people or less) form the backbone of our economy and are key drivers of the state's growth and employment.

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